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Aaron and Kristin Bernstetter’s Wheaton wedding and Geneva throw down!!!

August 8, 2011
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There are a few events in your lifetime that bring out parts of your character and personality.  One, obviously, would be your wedding day.  Kristin was so much fun, incredibly nice, and actually pretty dang calm.  As she was getting ready she just wanted everyone to hang together and have fun in each other’s company.  I guess it also helps that the whole bridal party was filled with really awesome people to begin with.
As I was coming into the house where Kristin was getting ready, I met Aaron when he was leaving.  A really great thing about Aaron is that he is a warm guy that makes you feel relaxed and free to be who you are.  Even though he is “a man of few words” with a smile constantly on his face, he knows exactly the right things to say.
What a great day, amazing people, and a fun time!  Did you see the dancing pictures??? Packed house the whole night!!!!  Loved it.  Way to go everybody.
Congrats you two!!  Enjoy your honeymoon and I can’t wait to get in touch soon!!

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