Robb Davidson Photography

studio rental

Here we are. I’ve dreamt about having a studio when I first picked up a Canon Rebel XTi. One of those, “haha yeah one day when all the stars somehow line up or something.” And now it’s a reality. I am super duper excited to have a spot for editing, a super comfy consultation area, and a space dedicated for creating high end clean images. Possibilities are endless with this spot now. The studio is available to rent to other photographers!


1 Hour: $125

2 Hours: $175

4 Hours: $250

Full day: $450


space includes

(3) AlienBee 800 strobe

(2) AlienBee 400 strobe

(2) 30”x60” softbox

(1) 47” Octabox

(1) White Beauty dish

(1) Reflector and stand

(2) Backdrop stands

(2) Main Light Stands

(1) Boom arm Light Stand (counterweighted)

(1) Backdrop stand and White seamless rollpaper (10 feet wide)

(2) bi-fold doors (cover backdrop lights)

(6) Pocket Wizards for triggering wirelessly

21 inch iMac with wireless display to projector (displaying on wall)

Loads of coffee, spirits, and seating for up to 15 people.


Renter should arrive to studio 15 minutes before scheduled time for studio overview.

contact us

[email protected]