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The Thurston Family!

by Robb Davidson

March 26, 2012


They’re crazy. I love it.








And you know me, whenever I get a chance, I love getting the extra help. :)








I love this Thurston Family.  First of all, they are about 5 doors down from me, so of course I walked over from my place with the gear.  Second, LOOK at all this fun stuff going on:  I counted three awesome mohawks, 6 tongues sticking way out, and all sorts of athletic abilities in the tree climbing/hops skills.  Third, this family is one of the easiest people to get to know instantly.  Probably the second sentence to come out of my mouth with each person would be sounding like I knew them for years.


It was a great sunday morning gathering for these folks.  Perfect weather, great company, and lots of fun pictures to remember it all!

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