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The Stielow family!

by Robb Davidson

Lake Ellyn Park

July 5, 2014


HAHAHA oh my gosh, this was so fun and hilarious. Wait till you see the funny faces I got. And even Grace gave me some funny faces too. :P

I’ve known Jess for a few years back when we worked at the Wheaton Sport center. SO much fun there, so why wouldn’t this be the same? I super dig this trio, and couldn’t be more thrilled to be hangin with┬áthem at the park. I love watching Grace do her thing, and see what kind of traits were passed down to her from her awesome parents….and then there’s the “well, that’s a new one.”

Stielow0001 Stielow0002 Stielow0003 Stielow0004 Stielow0005 Stielow0006 Stielow0007 Stielow0008 Stielow0009 Stielow0010 Stielow0011 Stielow0012 Stielow0013 Stielow0014 Stielow0015 Stielow0016

Stielow0018 Stielow0017

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