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The Natalino Family!

by Robb Davidson

Mount St. Mary Park in St. Charles, IL

May. 21, 2014


You read right. First. Wedding. Ever. These two are so incredible, and they def have a place in my world that no one else can claim, and I’m forever grateful for them. Wait, what’s that? You want to see a picture from their wedding? Fine. I’ll have it at the end.


I am so happy to hang out with the fam again, after all these years! Seeing their twins growing up and being their own personality is just mind blowing. They are soooooo friggen adorable. As you’ll clearly see. Oh gosh, I might start gushing, so I need to cut myself off. Okay, just enjoy how amazing they are.



Natalino0001 Natalino0002 Natalino0003 Natalino0004 Natalino0005

Hey! Looka my hand!Natalino0006 Natalino0007 Natalino0008 Natalino0009 Natalino0010
Natalino0012 Natalino0013Hey! Be careful when you run! HEY! Slow down!

Natalino0014 Natalino0015 Natalino0016

He’s the best. Man’s man for sure.Natalino0017


Aaannnnnnnnd one picture from their wedding!! (So so so SO fun/weird/exciting/encouraging/amazing/scary/fun reliving these)




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