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The Kadolph family in Adams Park!

March 28, 2012













Check it.  I get an email from Bridget Kadolph a little bit ago asking about family portraits.  Within that email, she explains that this is for her husband’s birthday.  More specifically, all he requested is to have pictures of his family.  Of COURSE that will pull my heart strings, when a man of his family cares about his family that much in a selfless manner.  Awesome, let’s do it.
Sunday comes around, and from the second we started moving around for different groups of pictures I could see how he just has so much love for the family.  And heck, this is one awesome family to love too.  Not only super adorable, but really really fun.  I am constantly encouraged, seeing this family, with how the role of being the man of the pack is tough work but super rewarding.  From having a loving wife, incredible kids, and THEIR fun loving grandkids, the Kadolphs were so legit.
Yes, this is my “work.”  My “job.”  I get to learn from so many different walks of life daily.  I would encourage you, dear reader, to try to do the same.  I will admit that it is easier for me to be around different sets of people, and in great situations to observe.  But truly, it is all you on how you take it.  Make the effort to learn from others, take bits and pieces of what you can apply to your life currently, or for the future.  It’s unbelievable.  {use your discretion on WHO all you learn from}

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