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The Dean’s! (featuring Ella Madeline)

November 23, 2011




What a family.  WOW.  Blue eyes? Um, yeah.  Their spirit and love for life is incredible…and you can see that when you first meet them.  Any of them.  Hahaha, lil Carter is growing up sooooo fast!  I remember photographing him like it was yesterday, and now he’s sprinting around.  So insane.  Yes, I am turning into that person, “oooohh, I remember when you were only THIS big….LOOK at you now!”  It’s unbelievable.  Carter is great though, a big ball of energy, and just adorable personality.  (AND an up and coming drummer! *respect*)


Ryan and Elizabeth are great people to know and be around.  That’s obviously where all this awesomeness comes from.  It’s super encouraging to see their outlook on anything, to get probably the most optimistic yet still realistic point of view on things in life.  It’s something I really can’t explain more than just know it.  They both have this ability that blows me away…within five seconds you get to know their handshake, legit smile, laughter, how much they are actually interested in you, and why they are such an amazing family.  Yeah five seconds, I timed it.


And that’s just their personality side.  Unlike spicy red hot peppers, they are obviously super easy on the eyes.  So you can only imagine how lucky I am to do what I do.  The only pressure is to make sure people know how incredible they are through pictures and my small rambles.  Trust me, they’re just tops.

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