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The Czwornog’s moved!

by Robb Davidson

October 15, 2014


YESSSS!!!!! I am SO ultra trubo happy for the Czwornogs moving in to this AWESOME new home! Like, NEW new. So fun. They are just outstanding, and deserve it for sure. :) And yes, Their littlest Mason is a super ham. He’s HILARIOUS.

CzwornogFAM0001 CzwornogFAM0002 CzwornogFAM0003 CzwornogFAM0004 CzwornogFAM0005 CzwornogFAM0006 CzwornogFAM0007 CzwornogFAM0008 CzwornogFAM0009 CzwornogFAM0010 CzwornogFAM0011 CzwornogFAM0012 CzwornogFAM0013 CzwornogFAM0014 CzwornogFAM0015 CzwornogFAM0016 CzwornogFAM0017 CzwornogFAM0018 CzwornogFAM0019 CzwornogFAM0020 CzwornogFAM0021

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