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Studio now OPEN

by Robb Davidson

Wheaton, IL

July 9, 2013




Gosh guys. Here we are. I’ve dreamt about having a studio when I first picked up a Canon Rebel XTi. One of those, “haha yeah one day when all the stars somehow line up or something.” And now it’s a reality. I am super duper excited to have a spot for editing, a super comfy consultation area, and a space dedicated for creating high end clean images. Possibilities are endless with this spot now. ┬áThe studio will also be available to rent to other photographers! Hit me up for more information!


Thank you all for supporting! Here are some more views:







With some of the strobes firing:






And here are some sample shots!


Any of you remember this random shot I posted? Isn’t Mags just nice? :)



Hats off to this guy, he pretty much built this studio (I hardly helped) up from where my office was. Also built that coffee table AND LIGHT in the consultation area. Nathan is insane.

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