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Hannah Moeggenberg Senior Portraits!

July 16, 2014
Riverwalk Naperville, IL

Hannah is just straight up outstanding. Instantly when we met up for her session, she was ready for anything. As you can/will tell, she lets her inner awesomeness come out so easily in her smile and overall presence. And YES, she has some rad skills in the dance department. I’m so jacked for Hannah’s future and where she plans to go for college next year! She’s gonna tear it UP!

Moeggenberg0001 Moeggenberg0002 Moeggenberg0003 Moeggenberg0004 Moeggenberg0005

“Car car car CAR CARRR!!!!”

Moeggenberg0006 Moeggenberg0007 Moeggenberg0008 Moeggenberg0009 Moeggenberg0010 Moeggenberg0011 Moeggenberg0012 Moeggenberg0013 Moeggenberg0014 Moeggenberg0015 Moeggenberg0016 Moeggenberg0017 Moeggenberg0018 Moeggenberg0019 Moeggenberg0020 Moeggenberg0021

Her and her bro!!! Rad dude that came along for the ride!

Moeggenberg0022 Moeggenberg0023


Moeggenberg0024 Moeggenberg0025 Moeggenberg0026 Moeggenberg0027

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