Robb Davidson Photography

The Smith Family!

May 13, 2014
Adams Park and Downtown Wheaton
Posted in: Family Portraits


Anytime I get a chance to be around Greg and Stacie with their two boys I’m gonna take it. It’s been so great seeing not only Greg and Stacie still being as awesome as ever, but now their kids growing up too. Judah and Nolen are so fun to watch when they play together. Ha, you’ll see in some of the fun “flipbook” style shots….

TheSmiths0003 TheSmiths0004 TheSmiths0005 TheSmiths0006 TheSmiths0007 TheSmiths0008 TheSmiths0009 TheSmiths0010 TheSmiths0011 TheSmiths0012 TheSmiths0013 TheSmiths0014 TheSmiths0015 TheSmiths0016 TheSmiths0017 TheSmiths0018 TheSmiths0019 TheSmiths0020 TheSmiths0021


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