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Colton Family at Independence Grove in Libertyville, IL!

May 6, 2013

Nothing like a good family cheer…. “Colton…Colton…Colton…..”


I love love love LOVE this family.  I am pretty sure if I came across someone that really didn’t like the idea of having their own family, I would use the Colton’s as a great reference to how awesome life can be in a family.

I met Chris (the dad) at the Neel’s wedding when he was the DJ a few weeks ago and we became instant buds. INSTABUDS.  Serious, he is rad.  And wow, it is basically radical x6 with the Colton Force.  Aside from being absolutely adorable, this family shows how they really care for each other. P to the S, I really didn’t POSE anything, it just happened. All the love you see here is legit.  And you know what they say, kids are some of the most honest people.  I love seeing how incredible parents are with their kids…no matter how crazy and bonkers they get.  More fun to love, right???

You guys are so awesome, and I can’t wait to hang with you guys again!!!!! Please and thanks. Word.

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