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The Ones Who Got my Back

December 14, 2010
Posted in: Personal

This post is dedicated to the guys who have been an enormous help to the shoots I’ve had over the years.  These dudes have seriously been an incredible addition to lil ol me lugging everything around and shooting by myself.

Heerrrreeeee’s Tony! I got to meet Tony a while ago in Michigan where my cousin works at a camp and Tony volunteers. He moved out to Chicago not too long ago and I was so grateful that he was able to be with me when photographing a few engagement sessions.  He brings an incredible personality to each shoot to help make the couple feel natural when in front of the camera.  He works really hard and has a super cool attitude about doing whatever needs to happen.  I would say he is one of the best hybrid mixes of being a fun and hilarious person, but also keeping on the game face and creating some awesome pictures.  Together we just have ourselves a total BLAST!

Okay here’s Jacques!  I met Jacques from the Wheaton Sport Center over a year ago and knew he’d be great to have with me around the area for shoots.  He’s originally from Tanzania, Africa.  He’s been with me on multiple shoots with engagements, senior portraits, family…you name it.  He has a great work ethic when it comes to helping others.  Playing soccer, he can keep up with me easily.  He really does have a great sense of humor, and loves laughing.  I always enjoy having him at my side whenever possible.

And then of course we have Kevin, aka The Shermanator.  Talk about humble.  This guy shoots legit stuff (Here’s his site), has some serious gear, has a full time job, and still is game to shoot with me at weddings.  A guy with his skill should stick his nose in the air and say “are you kidding?” but instead does whatever is needed to have ourselves a great time shooting together.  We’ve done all sorts of projects together, but mostly it has been shooting weddings.  I know I can always depend on him if we have to be separated during the wedding day.  That and even when we’re together, he’s the good voice on my shoulder to remind me of anything I need to have happen.  Great dude, amazing personality, huge talent, and an eagerness to help in any way.  He’s the real deal.

So there you have it, those are my boys that I have worked with the most on multiple shoots.  There are of course guest appearances all over the place, and that for sure has also been a treat and a half.  I can promise that whoever I do have with me to accompany me on anything I photograph, there will be an AWESOME person at my side.

Thanks guys!  It means a lot!

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