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Welcome to the World, Amelia Marie DeRango!

by Shelly

Chicago, IL

Jul. 6, 2016


Amelia Marie made her debut a tad early, but she was excited to make her mark. The precious little peanut weighed 5lbs 11oz at birth and has the most perfect petite features. She was born with a head full of raven hair and eyelashes that would stop traffic.1F1A0076I met Anna and Nick at their apartment on the west side of Chicago a couple of weeks after Amelia was born. As we were unloading my car, Nick told me that the DeRango family was moving to Edison Park, but in the meantime the apartment they were currently living in has some serious history to it. Not only is the building the place where Nick grew up, it has also been owned by the family for generations. I was pretty excited we were able to do Amelia’s newborns in a place that held so much meaning for the family because although Amelia will never remember her time spent there, she will have these pictures as a memento of where she comes from.1F1A0032 1F1A0039 1F1A0051 1F1A0102I loved spending time with the DeRangos. It was so sweet to watch them interact with the new love in their lives. A couple of times during the shoot, Amelia would wake up and fuss, and Nick would be right there to soothe her. It worked every single time. Anna said that since the day Amelia was born, she loves the sound of Nick’s voice and loves being held by her dad. She is comforted whenever he is around her. And Amelia is Anna’s little twin. They both have gorgeous dark hair and big brown eyes. They even share the same middle name.  It will be fun to see her grow into a little replica of her mother.1F1A0116 1F1A0135 1F1A0151 1F1A0343 1F1A0353Welcome to the world, little Amelia doll. You are so loved already.

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