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Christmas 2010 blast!

January 10, 2011
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Yeah, he’s from Ohio.  He got my cousin an Adam Dunn Jersey last year.  I wanted to return the favor. :)






Great story behind these mini wheats…






We take rib eating seriously.






Yeah I’m posting my Christmas awesomeness after everyone else.  Happy after Christmas blues! I didn’t want to wait any longer to get the new blog up.


The picture with Frosted mini wheats is a great story.  My sister gave that to me as a gift.  Ha.  Alright, so when we were kids, my sister and I loved cereal.  Me more than her, but both enjoyed it in the morning.  The most coveted form of the frosted mini wheats is the crumbs.  I played my cards well with the parents.  The first time I brought the parental units in to the discussion, my sister had already had them before.  My mom said, “Whoever didn’t get them last time, gets them this time.”  And the next time I brought my dad in and he said, “Whoever gets it gets it.”  Win win.  SOOOOOooo my sister gave me a box.  It was already open….and not a single crumb in sight.  Ha.  The next box she gave me was HUGE, full of bags, and at the bottom was a ziplock bag with all the crumbs.


My family gets me.  And I’m glad I got the 35 1.4 lens to get the shots of christmas and show the story in a more fun way!


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