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May 20, 2013
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Random What-Have-You Facts:

-First and foremost, I am a Christian and a firm believer. My morals and business ethics would be absolutely out the door without my faith.
-Music is amazing. I love playing bass, drums, and guitar. Just more creative outlets that I hope will never run out.
-I have loads of favored magazines, but of course National Geo will be closest to my heart from my childhood.
-Martial Arts is something I hope to always have as a part of my life as well.  It is great to keep in shape and have fun at the same time.  And I’m a guy….so….there’s that.
-I am in love with the Chicago Suburbs. SERIOUSLY a big crush.  And Chicago itself.  People are awesome, businesses are so awesome (especially when they have that family owned feel), and the weather is as bonkers as I am.
-Chick flicks. Sandra B is my girl. Enough said.
-Orange stands out to me more than it probably should. I love it. And I will love you for loving it.
-I’m a terrible bowler {but I love doing it often}.  I own bowling shoes with velcro.
-Mini golf isn’t fun unless you have the “you must ricochet your shot against three walls before it goes in” rule applied.
-I love a good/fun tie.  I love suits. Cuff links are also great to add in the mix.
-And for the record, I love having another B on my name.

How did you get started in Photography, Robb?

Coming from a {turbo} loving and caring family, I was the quiet kid all through high school where I just didn’t really talk much.  Then, for whatever reason, I went to college and haven’t stopped talking since.  No sign of slowing down either (sorry).  I took some basic photography classes (I actually did horrible) at Judson University, but mostly focused on Communication Arts (and I still buy more and more books in Communication theories).  Then nearing the end of my college career I got my first SLR camera (Canon XTi) and just really went nuts.  Seriously, nuts.  Loved it.  It was really cool for me to be at a school with a very small photography base….so I got to shoot for the school often.

Once I graduated, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to do photography full time.  I just wanted to shoot no matter what career I ended up with.  For the meantime, I took a sweet job at the Wheaton Sport Center, and had a total blast.  After working the fitness floor and facilities, I grew my business into more than just on the weekends here and there.  I was shooting 45 weddings AND fulltime at the gym.  So I made the leap to full time photography in 2010 (and haven’t looked back).

What/Who inspires you?

In terms of from this earth, my Grandpa.  Hands down.  Not only was he a photographer (music teacher by day), but his overall way of life is the most earthly thing to Christ I’ve seen. I want that, and I am so glad to have known him when he was here.  Now that he has passed away, I can’t tell you how valuable each image I have of him is to me. Even if it’s blurry, out of focus, or he’s blinking….I want to print and frame the living garbage out of it.  And that, dear friends, is how I view everyone else’s family and guests at a wedding. These images will last. They are forever. No matter what.  I think it is the ultimate privilege to be the person doing what someone did for me in terms of photographing my grandpa. I want to take them out to eat at the nicest place. I want to constantly thank them. I have these amazing reminders of what he stood for, and  how special he made people feel.  If I could be a portion of that, I would have the highest sense of accomplishment in life.

So, what’s up with you now?

I have been recently asked what my shoot style is. First of all, I hope you can get the feel of it on my site. I choose to post images that are awesome, but also ones that I know I can consistently get and enjoy. I am a huge believer in people being themselves. I do no show up to shoots with poses already in mind until I see the personality come out. Ha, I panicked on the phone when someone asked me what my style is, and I just said “…weird, really really weird.”  We’ve been friends ever since.

I am constantly reminded of just how blessed I am to be doing this for a LIVING.  I am asked just about every wedding if this is all I do (you bet it is), and I always say that I would do this for free if I was rich. No joke, this is EXACTLY what I would do if I had all the time in the world.

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