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Rob And Julianne Engaged!

by Robb Davidson

St. James Farm

October 17, 2014


This was AWESOME. I mean first off, there was frost on the ground. JUUUUUST before we met up. Just to give you context. They roll in and were ready to rock. Coats off, smiles big. Awesome. The whole time we were in the farm, they were sooooo perfect together. Adorable. As a word was starting to come out of my mouth for Rob to do something, he was already doing that. Same to Julianne, it was ridiculous.
These two are seriously so awesome, and really impressive people. Julianne is a rockstar in the science writing world, and Rob is involved with…well basically understanding the human mind and helping people. You know. Awesome stuff.
I’m so happy for these two to be engaged!!! Congrats you guys!/p>


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