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Rob and Allie Engaged!

June 26, 2014
Downtown Arlington Heights, IL
Posted in: Engagements

YES!!! So, boo yeah. I am so excited for Rob and Allie. They have been around the block for sure…starting in these western Chicago burbs, and then out to Arizona! Crazy. But, as you can see…they’ve only been more nuts about each other as time goes on.


I was greeted with some awesome lil props that are special to who they are. Respect to Allie on the sweet tooth and bringing in the cotton candy. After those fun toys we set off to cruise around downtown Arlington Heights. Check out the fun!


RobAndAllie0004 RobAndAllie0005 RobAndAllie0006 RobAndAllie0007 RobAndAllie0008 RobAndAllie0009 RobAndAllie0010 RobAndAllie0011 RobAndAllie0012 RobAndAllie0013 RobAndAllie0014 RobAndAllie0015 RobAndAllie0016 RobAndAllie0017



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