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Keith and Chrissy Engaged!

by Robb Davidson

St. James Farm

October 10, 2014


Ooohhhh what a treat this was. Keith and Chrissy are so adorable together, and just awesome people to be around. We had a perfect day to be on the St. James grounds, and kinda explore a few uncharted territories! Both of these two are rockstars in what they do, but also just have a high level of appreciation for what others do. So it’s been awesome to nerd out with them on photography stuff, and hey, you may see Chrissy with my backup camera on her wedding day…. (Don’t worry Keith, it’ll be for a sec…okay don’t read any more….don’t worry Chrissy you can use it whenever) Enjoy their ultra pretty and loving faces!/p>KeithAndChrissy0001 KeithAndChrissy0002 KeithAndChrissy0003 KeithAndChrissy0004 KeithAndChrissy0005 KeithAndChrissy0006 KeithAndChrissy0007 KeithAndChrissy0008 KeithAndChrissy0009 KeithAndChrissy0010 KeithAndChrissy0011 KeithAndChrissy0012 KeithAndChrissy0013 KeithAndChrissy0014 KeithAndChrissy0015 KeithAndChrissy0016 KeithAndChrissy0017 KeithAndChrissy0018 KeithAndChrissy0019 KeithAndChrissy0020 KeithAndChrissy0021 KeithAndChrissy0022 KeithAndChrissy0023 KeithAndChrissy0024

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