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Jimmy and Sarah Engaged!

May 27, 2014
Proksa Park Berwyn, IL
Posted in: Engagements

We scored on just about the absolute best day to take some rad pictures. 72 degrees, yeah. We had ourselves a great time going around a park that Sarah pretty much grew up in, and got to even snag a shot with their pups!! I’m all about centering the session around things that are meaningful and special. I’m so excited for their future together…I know Sarah has been busting tail with Med school stuff, and Jimmy right up that pace with being a plumber. These two are so much fun, and I am so pumped for their wedding coming up this December! It’ll be so rad running around Chicago getting some city shots for their wedding. BOO yeah.

JimmyAndSarah0001 JimmyAndSarah0002 JimmyAndSarah0003 JimmyAndSarah0004 JimmyAndSarah0005 JimmyAndSarah0006 JimmyAndSarah0007 JimmyAndSarah0008 JimmyAndSarah0009 JimmyAndSarah0010 JimmyAndSarah0011 JimmyAndSarah0012

JimmyAndSarah0016 JimmyAndSarah0013 JimmyAndSarah0014 JimmyAndSarah0015

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