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Evan and Margeaux engaged!

July 28, 2015
St. James
Posted in: Engagements

Ahhh, this was so much fun to hang with Evan and Margeaux in St. James!! And you know how I feel about friggen awesome dogs…so this was just a treat. It was so easy photographing Evan and Margeaux with their dog…it all just made sense. All were comfortable in front of the camera, and seriously they kept reading my mind in the craziest way. I loved it….which makes me THAT much more excited for their wedding coming up soon!!     EvanAndMargeaux0001 EvanAndMargeaux0002 EvanAndMargeaux0003 EvanAndMargeaux0004 EvanAndMargeaux0005 EvanAndMargeaux0006 EvanAndMargeaux0007 EvanAndMargeaux0008 EvanAndMargeaux0009 EvanAndMargeaux0010 EvanAndMargeaux0011 EvanAndMargeaux0012 EvanAndMargeaux0013 EvanAndMargeaux0014 EvanAndMargeaux0015 EvanAndMargeaux0016 EvanAndMargeaux0017 EvanAndMargeaux0018 EvanAndMargeaux0019 EvanAndMargeaux0020 EvanAndMargeaux0021 EvanAndMargeaux0022 EvanAndMargeaux0023 EvanAndMargeaux0024

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