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Blog: Weddings

Jon and Becky Pavlovich Married at The Danada House!

Kevin and Lori Carrington Married in Zion, IL!

Jimmy and Sarah Martin Married in St. Alphonsus!

Justin and Karin Uebergang married in Glen Ellyn Covenant Church!

Rick and Jena Lindstrom Married at Holy Family Chicago, IL!

Greg and Sammi Dickson Married!!!

Neil and Liz Stanoev Married!

Dave and Zanny Kowalski Married!

Jon And Keira Married!

Brandon and Stacy Burgos Married!!

Bart and Andrea Lazarczyk Married in St. Mary of the Angels Chicago!!

Chad and Jennifer Wojtkow married!!

Michael and Sarah Salemi Married!

Luis and Michaela Married!

Dustin and Faith Scott Married!

Tim and Laura Muri Married!

Joe and Corinne Wetmore Married!!

Nick and Kristen Feltham Married!!!!

Chad and Ali Ruter married In Salem United Methodist Church!

Adam and Bhavna Kost have their amazing Indian-American fusion wedding in Burr Ridge’s Chicago Marriott!

Bryan and Sheridan married in Cade’s Cove, and had a blast at the Ripley’s Aquarium and also at the Legacy Lodge!

Jon and Erin Marshall married at Blanchard Alliance Church, and kicked it at the Wilder Mansion!

Ross and Karin Morrison married At St. Mark’s in Glen Ellyn, and everything else awesome at the Danada House!

Tom and Kim McIntire Married in Villa Park and partied at the Glendale Lakes Golf Course!

Trey and Mary Martin married at College Church and rocked the Danada House!

Sean and Jenny McDuffee Married and Partied in the Germania Place! Brace yourself for awesomeness.

Chris and Kaitlyn Nickell married in Culver Indiana and ROCKED at Swan Lake in Plymouth!

Phil and Lindsay Gomez married in the Seville Streamwood, IL!

Rafal and Melissa Zielinski married in Riverside Community Church, and danced in Midwest Conference center in Northlake, IL!

Kevin and Mary Fay married at St. Mary’s Parish and ROCKED out at Riverside Receptions!