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Kids Portraits

The Chelsens welcome a fifth member to the Family!

They just keep getting better.

Vas Benetatos Having fun in Garfield Conservatory Chicago, IL!

Oh man. Vas is way awesome. I had the pleasure to hang out with this guy and his Mom Megan at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago. First of all, WAY cool place to photograph in any time of year (hint). And then, we let Vas be a kid. He had some amaaaazing transformers to play around with (brought me back to my childhood), and just explored the grounds.

Carter Hoegh is 1!!!!!

I can NOT believe Carter is already 1!!! He’s had some obvious personality displays early on in life, but wow it hasn’t even slowed down. I was lucky enough to get in this SWEET building my good friend Ben Glunz now works out of for his company, and talk about killer window light.

The Kaspers, and introducing Adelia Mae!

It is great having friends who support you in your dreams, because really they have more of a choice than family do. Ha, granted that sometimes doesn't have to be the case. Jkas and Amie have been amazing people to know in the photography world (love photographing them, their amazing word of mouth, and gosh are they pretty), and just in general life.

Michael Duquette Makes an Entrance to the World!

I hope you recognize these two!! This is kind of awesome for me, as I have been with these crazy cats for quite a few huge life events.

Noah Hathaway at SIX months, and hey mom and dad tagged along too!!

"Who built the Arc? Noah, Noah!" Hahaha, just a fun time outside hanging with the Hathaways while Jill was singing some of Noah's favorite songs. Helps him get the giggles a little. Fantastic day outside. This was a fun little park off of 25 in Batavia, and surprisingly not too crowded!

Will Webb’s six month baby portrait in the thick of nature!

This was so much fun, hanging out in an AMAZING back yard in West Chicago! I walked up to Marta holding Will, and he just freaking beamed ear to ear. So precious.

Noah Hathaway’s colorful newborn session!

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Josh "Velvet" Hathaway for a number of years while we play music for a youth group's winter retreat. When we first met, he was engaged to Jill. The next year we played, he got hitched. The next year, his marriage grew stronger. And just this past time in January, he was preparing to be a dad.

Gianna Clair…soooo precious and WOW do I love the Clair’s!

Love Jay and Lucia. And Eli. And now Gianna. This fam is insanely incredible. I've known Jay and Lucia for many years...and actually fairly separate. I could literally fill this post with hilarious memories from knowing both, but I'll try to keep it in. Ask me sometime though, cause you may want some stories.

Carter Hoegh taking after his parents with the best facial expressions.

Yeah, insane. I've known Josh and Melissa for a few years now. {Holy cow Josh, almost eight years now???} Regardless, they just had a kid recently, and I had to see him. Carter is SO hilarious, with the funniest faces {as you can plainly see}. I really do have the best job, because I can "hang out" with friends and still get some really fun pictures all at the same time.

Grayson Ryan Thurston

Check out Grayson's AWESOME mohawk!!!! YES!!!!! I fell in love within seconds. Nay, a second. Lil Grayson Thurston is just shy of a month old. Soooo adorable. This was timed perfectly by the great minds of Steve and Brooke Thurston.

The Dean’s! (featuring Ella Madeline)

What a family. WOW. Blue eyes? Um, yeah. Their spirit and love for life is incredible...and you can see that when you first meet them. Any of them. Hahaha, lil Carter is growing up sooooo fast!

Evangeline Ray Kasper in her new Batavia home!

YES! Alright seriously, I think I need to figure out a preset on my editing programs to automatically detect the blue in people's eyes so I can adjust accordingly....because as you can plainly see, Evie has the craziest blue eyes. Wow. Her parents did a good job don't you think?

Mason Czwornog!

So this was mostly a session for Mason, but also had a little Chase and Lyndsay as well! Ha Mason was so hilarious....whenever he was looking around the room or about to cry, I would just show him my other camera and he's be happy as a clam.

Maddox Robert Marchinski

Check out some of the close ups on Maddox's eyes! Ha, you can totally see my camera as I'm doing some no look shots. So Maddox is now three months old, in his hilarious observing stage.

Olivia Hunter: One Day old!

Such a great family, great looking kid, and a bucket full of happiness. I've worked with Dave on all sorts of awesome video shoots that I'm sure most of you have heard me talk about. In fact, I met him at the hospital right before one of the video shoots so we could go over some details for me to go out on my own that day.

Aidan Hamlin’s Watching You

Aidan Hamlin was fun to get pictures of. When I first got a chance to meet him, I saw right away how observant this little guy was. He's got some of the coolest eyes I've seen, so it was great to see his eyes open so wide.

Ava Roman and her pursuit for my camera

So as you can see, boy this was a fun time photographing Ava. Not only was she connnnnnstantly smiling, she was so fascinated by my cameras. I think. Or the fact that they had buttons.

Evangeline Ray Kasper – 5.18.10

A few days ago I had the awesome pleasure to meet Evangeline over at the Kasper's. Jkas and Amie have some distinct features that are beautifully passed down to their little angel

The Dean’s (no no not the milk)

This was such a blast to photograph these groovy cats. I'll tell you what, they're precious baby boy was turbo smiley all day. Or at least the time that I was there. Believe it or not, I had to take out some of the color in his eyes for some shots because they're SO blue they almost look unrealistic in the shots!!!!