Robb Davidson Photography



Miranda Cary

The Vaneekeren Family!

The Campens!

The Czwornog’s moved!

The Heaveys at Adams Park!

Kasper Family out in Blackwell!

The Chelsens welcome a fifth member to the Family!

They just keep getting better.

The Henderson Family!

I absolutely love the Hendersons and all their craziness.

Hannah Moeggenberg Senior Portraits!

What a great afternoon hanging around downtown Naperville! Hannah is just gets it.

The Stielow family!

Bringing the relationship history to current reality. This is the same spot that Matt proposed to Jess, and now they are back with another Stielow member!

The Natalino Family!

Boston (Gah, do I gotta start calling you Jared?) and Megan Natalino's family pics!!! History right here: they were my first wedding. Ever.

The Smith Family!

Fricken LOVE the Smiths! Just a beautiful day out while we ran around the park and downtown Wheaton.

Kate Shikany’s Senior Portrait!

Kate Shikany's Senior portrait out at St. James farm in Warrenville, IL!

Carolina Sedan: a top of the line luxurious service for Chapel Hill, NC.

Carolina Sedan is legit. I had the pleasure to learn about this company's story, and to photograph them accordingly. Not only did we have some really fun shoots, I got to be in the client seat too....literally. Sitting in one of their cars feels like flouting on clouds.

The Kasimov Family in Carrboro, North Carolina!

Check out THIS awesome crew. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Beck and his family while I was out in North Carolina...and they are RAD. Beck is partner's with Danny Pesta for their outta site company Carolina Sedan (soon to be blogged).

Pesta Family!! Just simply the best.

BOO yeah!! I love the Pestas. Here's a little history for you guys. I've known Danny for a good...four(?) years or so. We used to talk photo stuff alllll the time. And this wasn't just casual chit chat, this was a master craftsman talking to a wide eyed beginner photographer. PS, I was the wide eyed 'tog.

Laufenberg Family!

YES!!!!! I absolutely adore the Laufenbergs. I don't know if you recognize a few characters here, but there HAVE been some sitings of these crazy cats in previous events I've had the pleasure to hang with them at. (hang with them at? Seriously mom/Joanna I need grammar lessons) I'll tell ya, when you're with these people you will instantly feel like you're a part of the family. Haha, and at the end I was infiltrated by the little lady when I let my guard down.

The Schaffler Family

It was a great day for families. The Schaffler family is as legit as they come. They are a ton of fun, and are some of the most welcoming people. I've crossed paths a few times with them at the Wheaton sport center, including after our shoot when I bumped into Tom (the dad) at the gym. Haha, "Now I am more used to seeing you like this."

Vas Benetatos Having fun in Garfield Conservatory Chicago, IL!

Oh man. Vas is way awesome. I had the pleasure to hang out with this guy and his Mom Megan at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago. First of all, WAY cool place to photograph in any time of year (hint). And then, we let Vas be a kid. He had some amaaaazing transformers to play around with (brought me back to my childhood), and just explored the grounds.

Hartley Martin Senior portraits in St. James Farm!

Uh brace yourself. Hartley is off the hook rad. Here are some of her Senior Portraits from St. James Farm! I have had a ton of fun first meeting her at her brother Trey's wedding last month, so now we just wanted to continue the fun with this trip. It was so great getting some fun shots, and just having a blast with Hartley. What a treat this was!

The Kasper Family at St. James Farm!!

Love me some Kasper awesomeness. We got to shoot at St. James Farm in the morning and boy oh boy was that fun.

The Seleski Family

From the minute I walked up to the Seleski home, I knew this was going to be all sorts of awesome.

Kyle Jacob’s senior Portraits in St. Charles!

It was a great day hanging out with Kyle in the afternoon in downtown St. Charles, IL. This dude is going to tear it up next year when he heads out to college. So far, he's ready to take on the Marketing world, as he's already had some experience in that field in classes and real life work on it. Lucky son of a gun, wish I did that kind of stuff then.

The Chelsen Family!

What nuggets of fun the Chelsen family always is. I photographed the twins when they were just barely moving around...

Studio now OPEN

Gosh guys. Here we are. I've dreamt about having a studio when I first picked up a Canon Rebel XTi. One of those, "haha yeah one day when all the stars somehow line up or something." And now it's a reality. I am super duper excited to have a spot for editing, a super comfy consultation area, and a space dedicated for creating high end clean images. Possibilities are endless with this spot now. The studio will also be available to rent to other photographers! Hit me up for more information!

Colton Family at Independence Grove in Libertyville, IL!

I love love love LOVE this family. I am pretty sure if I came across someone that really didn't like the idea of having their own family, I would use the Colton's as a great reference to how awesome life can be in a family.

Luke Macy Senior Portraits!

Luke is wicked awesome. The whole shoot was so great learning more about Luke...he's done some Kickboxing, wrestling, and as you saw designing his own t shirts! Next year he may even be studying overseas! He's got the world ahead of him, and he is absolutely taking advantage of it. Way cool Luke.

Ryan Dean Headshots!

With this session, I really wanted to explore more of the idea that it's okay to have some of the shots where Ryan wasn't looking at my direction.

Jon Aagaard Headshots

It was great hanging out with Jon Aagaard for a bit while we took care of his headshots in a few different outfits!

Carter Hoegh is 1!!!!!

I can NOT believe Carter is already 1!!! He’s had some obvious personality displays early on in life, but wow it hasn’t even slowed down. I was lucky enough to get in this SWEET building my good friend Ben Glunz now works out of for his company, and talk about killer window light.