Robb Davidson Photography



Jon And Becky Engaged!

Rick and Jena Engaged!

Justen and Ali Engaged, Part TWO!!!

Round two of their engagement awesomeness!

Rob and Allie Engaged!

Love the fun stuff that these two brought to their engagement session! Always make it more personal and special.

Jimmy and Sarah Engaged!

A super fun engagement session in a park that has seen their childhood years...

Jon and Keira’s Engaged!

Jon and Keira's stroll in the park and downtown Wheaton area! What a perfect day.

Joe and Corinne Engaged!

Joe and Corinne's super rad engagement session out in Chicago's Osaka Park!

Dustin and Faith’s Engagements on Missouri Baptist University grounds!

This was great. Obviously there's some importance to photographing out in Missouri Baptist University. Even though Dustin is involved with Counseling and Faith is up to her ears in Bio and Chem awesomeness, these two just HIT IT OFF out in MBU's campus.

Justen and Ali’s Engagement pictures in the Geneva Japanese Gardens! Round 1!

Uh yeah. This day was incredibly perfect. So....Justen and Ali are gettin hitched in the springtime of 2015. SO we got ourselves some time. WHY NOT shoot their engagement session in two parts??? Winter fun times, and then when it's kinda warmer and nature's all alive and stuff. Keep a sharp eye out for their part two!

Greg and Sammi engagements in both Morton Arboretum, and Downtown Naperville!

Oh man. Just brace yourselves for two of the coolest people. RIGHT away as we first met, I knew Greg and Sammi would be just a blast to hang with. Sure enough, it's been just amazing so far. These two are absolutely nuts about each other, and totally bring out the best in one another. It's unbelievable. But totally believable at the same time.

Brandon and Stacy’s Engagement session in Downtown St. Charles!

So Brandon and Stacy are really hilarious together. I am a huge fan of Brandon...he gets it.

Bart and Andrea’s Engagement session in Lincoln Park!

Bart and Andrea ROCK. These two both are super smart in the architecture world, which is something I've been around a little bit when I went to Judson University.

Michael and Sarah Engagements in Adam’s Park!

ShaBAM! Here's a fun lil preview of Michael and Sarah's engagement session!

Brian and Michal’s Engagement session all over Chicago!

YES!!!! Ha. So Brian, Michal and I lucked out for this session.

Tim and Laura’s Engagement in Millennium park Chicago, IL!

Fricken FAB way to end the fun weekend full of great people. Tim and Laura are so so super fun, and obviously nuts about each other.

Jeff and Jennifer Engagement in Adam’s park and all around Downtown Wheaton!

This was a great evening to hang out with Jeff and Jen out in Adam's Park.

Nick and Kristen Engaged in Philadelphia, PA! Got to photograph at Washington Square park, and went back to their relational roots at University of Penn Law School!

So obviously Nick and Kristen are crazy awesome. Meeting at U of Penn Law school, they both have pursued awesome careers in the field and are still killin it.

Phil and Lindsay’s Chicago Engagements in Olive Park!

Rain didn't stop Phil, Lindsay and I from a RADICAL engagement session out in Olive park. This was just perfect.

Trey and Mary’s Engagement session in the Lincoln Marsh!!!

GAHHH!! This was way fun. I love Trey and Mary...and how great their relationship is.

Adam and Bhavna’s Chicago Engagements at Olive Park!

What a FAB duo. Adam and Bhavna are so much fun...and this is just a slice into their crazy awesomeness.

Tom and Kim’s Engagement session at the Naperville River Walk!

Hahaha oh my GOSH this was just a load of fun. Tom and Kim had some of the best outfit changes and perfect lighting to showcase their awesomeness.

David and Colleen’s Engagement Session in Chicago!

A surprisingly AWESOME day out! December is just turning into a mixed handbag of frost and heat, and we got lucky. Overcast with no winds is just amazing to shoot in.

Drew and Tiffany’s Engagements where they got engaged: Danada House!

This couldn't have been better. I got the privilege to photograph Drew Golz and Tiffany Overlien over at the Danada house! Drew actually proposed to Tiffany here!!! The story was so dang cool...very thoughtful and planned out, with a great picnic set up.

Kurt and Jen’s engagement session in Chicago, and bringin along TOTO!

What a great way to spend a sunday morning!!! Oh my gosh, Kurt and Jen are really great. So we got to explore some groovy spots in Chicago with their energy ball of a dog Toto. Look at that guy run around. He was so much fun, and he stayed with us the whole time! Very well trained dog.

Matt Sauter and Jessica Lipp up and at em Sunrise engagements in Northside Park!

If you don't love these two then you honestly need to take a good hard look at yourself. Okay don't really on my account...but you might consider that. Did you see their matching socks??? Um, NOT planned. ....I know right??? I love hanging out with these two, either talking about their upcoming wedding in the fall, or watching Matt pound a shepherd's pie and Jess tearing up some fish and chips.

Craig and Paige’s Panama City Engagement Session with Some Interesting Found Objects!

I was shaking in my boots heading through airport security when I checked up on Panama City's weather. Rain. ALL DAY. Then I land. Boom. Clouds roll out. And I roll over to meet up with this amazing duo, Craig and Paige. Ho-lee COW. This was super.

Arne and Barbie: Team Barnie Engagements in Chicago!!!

Team Barnie! (Arne + Barbie = Team Barnie) Amazing. It's really funny how dependent I am in this biz to have decent weather for most of the shoots that go down. We originally planned a few weeks ago to do this session, and of course mother nature had other plans. So instead, we just had an awesome time hanging out, having dinner, and being rad.

Ryan and Heidi’s Chicago Engagements Finding Little Fun and Hidden Parks! And the Groovy Rooftop of TheWit!

Lovely afternoon in Chicago with these groovy cats Ryan and Heidi! We had ourselves a real adventure going around the city and finding some cool little spots that kept us stopping every few seconds for more fun shots! Plus, as you can tell, they're just really fun people. Period. Ryan's a great dude that has this "it" factor that could probably talk to you about something that normally wouldn't be anything super interesting, and completely captivate you.

Merrick and Kerry engagement in Chicago with tons of awesome exploration on rooftops and hotdog stands!

YES!!! I will say, Merrick and Kerry are so wicked awesome to hang out with me in Chicago on such a windy day. I know you girls out there are with me when I feel for Kerry on this windy insanity of a day. Hair everywhere. But you know what? She was so cool about it and was up for anything.

Garrett and Wyntir’s Engagement in Long Grove, IL! TWO hilarious animations and awesomeness.

Garrett and Wyntir are wicked awesome. With a super cool dog, (they're getting married at Disney, hence the awesome collar) an amazing spot for our session, we couldn't go wrong. The weather seriously scared us all right up until we started taking pictures...and man am I glad we called the weather man's bluff.