Robb Davidson Photography



Ten Foot Tail at Martyrs in Chicago

These dudes can groove. Sometimes you can just tell when a group is getting in the zone and really playing to play. This was so great to be listening AND photographing these dudes at that same time. Ten Foot Tail is a group of elite musicians based around the Castelli brothers (Paul and Chris) that knows how to JAM.

Katherine Chang: Amazing Musician, and Fantastic Individual

I had the distinct privilege to photograph Katherine the other day for her promo images on an upcoming concert. The first bit of our shoot, I asked her to play a little while I snapped away.

Luke Wade at the Subterranean Chicago, IL (11/17/11)

I love this dude. I was lucky enough to see him play with my lifelong buddy Matt Livensparger (jamming on the keyboards) last thursday at the Subterranean. Luke has some really cool stuff going on, a mix of all sorts of different artists that came to my when people ask me what does he sound like I end up giving an extensive list to blend them all.

Kimmy Vos shred’s on the guitar/piano and in overall life

Alright so check it. Kimmy Vos is an insanely talented musician. I'm really pumped to hear more from this nice lady, as you all should too. ( As you can tell, she's a blast of a person.

Tito Cevallos

Tito Cevallos was a fun dude to shoot for his upcoming album photography. It always helps to know what kind of music these pictures are portraying the artist as. I'm really excited for his future career in this field.