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The Kasimov Family in Carrboro, North Carolina!

Check out THIS awesome crew. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Beck and his family while I was out in North Carolina…and they are RAD. Beck is partner’s with Danny Pesta for their outta site company Carolina Sedan (soon to be blogged).  It’s cool to see the family all kinda help out with the […]

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Pesta Family!! Just simply the best.

BOO yeah!! I love the Pestas. Here’s a little history for you guys. I’ve known Danny for a good…four(?) years or so. We used to talk photo stuff alllll the time.  And this wasn’t just casual chit chat, this was a master craftsman talking to a wide eyed beginner photographer. PS, I was the wide […]

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Laufenberg Family!

YES!!!!! I absolutely adore the Laufenbergs. I don’t know if you recognize a few characters here, but there HAVE been some sitings of these crazy cats in previous events I’ve had the pleasure to hang with them at. (hang with them at? Seriously mom/Joanna I need grammar lessons)  I’ll tell ya, when you’re with these […]

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The Schaffler Family

It was a great day for families. The Schaffler family is as legit as they come. They are a ton of fun, and are some of the most welcoming people.  I’ve crossed paths a few times with them at the Wheaton sport center, including after our shoot when I bumped into Tom (the dad) at […]

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Hartley Martin Senior portraits in St. James Farm!

Uh brace yourself. Hartley is off the hook rad.  Here are some of her Senior Portraits from St. James Farm!  I have had a ton of fun first meeting her at her brother Trey’s wedding last month, so now we just wanted to continue the fun with this trip. It was so great getting some […]

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The Kasper Family at St. James Farm!!

Yes, you are correct. Oh sorry, thought you asked me if this is probably one the most stylish and pretty family I know. Love me some Kasper awesomeness. We got to shoot at St. James Farm in the morning and boy oh boy was that fun.  These cute little things are so adorable and will […]

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