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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Evangeline Ray Kasper – 5.18.10

  A few days ago I had the awesome pleasure to meet Evangeline over at the Kasper’s.  Jkas and Amie have some distinct features that are beautifully passed down to their little angel.  It was really great to take pictures with a girl that put up with just about anything we did.  It was almost […]

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David and Tara Dethmers Experience the Party of Their Life!

Holy cow kids.  This wedding was off the HOOK.  It was so awesome first of all to see both David and Tara SOOOOoooo excited for this day.  Their energy was incredible, and really made the day awesome with any circumstances.  Secondly, I had the distinct pleasure of having my good friend Jackie Lovato fly in […]

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Patrick and Danielle Vanek Do Their I Do’s With No Panic

Alright first off, the picture of Danielle by herself with her arms out was also when she growled, “I’m batman.” Yeah. Straight up. These two were so cool and fun to bounce ideas with, and just capture whatever.  Including the drive through.  There was a lot of really awesome people to meet there, chat it […]

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Stephen and Laura Kung Fu their Engagement!

Yeah I wasn’t kidding when i said Kung Fu.  Out at Cantigny Park on tuesday, Stephen, Laura, myself, and Jacque (my lighting assistant that will be pictured soon here) had ourselves a blast.  The only real effort on my part that I needed to do was take care of the mooching the mosquitoes were doing […]

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